Professional Forester Wisconsin: Legacy Forest Management

If you’re a woodland owner and you want to manage your timber as a long-term investment using sustainable forest management, then working with a professional forester is the way to get there.

We’ll help plan for the future by creating a custom fit management plan for your property.

Call us today to schedule an on-site visit to discuss your property and what we can do for you!

What We Do

MFL Plans

Putting your land in the MFL program doesn’t have to be hard! Let us guide you through the process.

Timber Sales

We provide a full range of timber sale setup and admin services.

Additional Forestry Services

Got something else in mind? We work on a variety of projects involving forest management and wildlife habitat.

Forest Stewardship & MFL Plans

We specialize in NEW MFL plans, renewals, and additions. Let us help save you money on your tax bill through the MFL! Not interested in the MFL but still want a management plan? We can write custom fit forest stewardship plans as well.

Timber Sales

Harvesting timber can be a stressful process.  We work on your behave to make sure the project gets done right the first time!

Additional Services

Got something else in mind? We provide a full range of forestry services, and if there’s something we can’t help with we’ll put you on contact with someone that will.

Forestry Management Services

Certified MFL Planning

Woodland Management

Timber Appraisals

Timber Sales

Mapping Services (GIS)

Habitat Management

Recreational Planning

Forestry Expert Witness

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