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If you’re looking for professional forestry advice you’ve come to the right place. We will guide you in the long-term management of one of your most valuable assets. Let’s build a legacy you can be proud of.

What We Do

MFL Plans

Putting your land in the MFL program doesn’t have to be hard! Let us guide you through the process.

Timber Sales

We provide a full range of timber sale setup and admin services.

Additional Forestry Services

Got something else in mind? We work on a variety of projects involving forest management and wildlife habitat.

Customized Mapping Services now available!

If you’re looking for a map specifically designed for your property and aren’t sure where to get one, we can make a customized map for your property using our GIS Technology. Give us a call to learn more about this service.  

Timber Sales – How We Can Help

Our process is pretty simple. We start with a conversation about your woods to find out what’s important to you and what your expectations are for a timber harvest. We then perform a forest inventory and analysis throughout the harvest area. This helps paint a picture of what the current conditions are and allows us put together a custom harvest plan for your woods. 

The harvest plan will layout the logging process from start to finish and will cover a variety of topics including timelines, harvest areas, individual stand harvesting prescriptions, water quality and soil erosion best management practices as well as invasive species controls.  

Once the harvest area been established, usually with flagging tape and tree marking paint and the individual trees or areas have been designated for harvest, a bid invitation and/or timber sale prospectus is prepared and sent to reputable timber buyers and loggers in the area.  We then review the bids/offers and choose the most qualified buyer for the job and put together a timber sale contract for the landowner and buyer to sign and agree to. Once the timber has been sold, we supervise the harvest by checking in on a regular basis both on-site and over the phone to make sure the sale is going as it should. As an agent working for the landower, we are an independent party that can oversee the project and enforce the conditions of the sale as agreed upon in the timber sale contract.

Once the harvest has been completed, we put together a final harvest summary and perform a post-harvest inspection of the sale.  

Timber harvesting happens very few times throughout the life of your woods. Managing it for your wants and needs has to be intentional, it’s the key to building your legacy for future generations to benefit and enjoy. We can help guide you through this process and work on your behalf to get your trees cut and have an result you can be proud of. 

Timber Sale Services we provide:

  • Timber marking
  • Harvest area boundary marking
  • Sale administration
  • Bidding
  • Sale Negotiation
  • Sale Supervision & monitoring
  • Contract preparation

Whether you want to sign up for a new plan, add more acreage to an existing plan or it’s time to renew, we can help! We do it all.

We can help lower your property tax bills.

  • MFL Tax Rates 2018-2022
  • Open Lands : $2.04 per acre ( 5% x $40.80/acre)
  • Closed Lands : $10.20 per acre ( 25% x $40.80)

The statewide average for Productive Forest Lands not enrolled in the MFL program is $40.80 per acre.

Note: The statewide average is recalculated every 5 years, so acreage rate for MFL open & closed may go up or down occasionally but the formula stays the same which means the rate will not vary much over time.

If you have the time…. Read through the example below, it will paint a very clear picture why the MFL program is a no-brainer for most landowners in the state of Wisconsin! If you’d like to look up the tax rates in your specific county and township go to CLICK HERE

Example #1:

A landowner has 40 acres of Productive Forest Land located in Buffalo County, Town of Nelson.

Productive Forest Land $75.47 per acre x 40 acres = $3,018.80 per year

MFL Closed $10.20 per acre x 40 acres = $408.00 per year (86% savings)

MFL Open $2.04 per acre x 40 acres = $81.60 per year (97% savings)

They sign up for a 25 year MFL Closed Plan. (For this example we will assume the MFL Rate & Municipality rates stay constant throughout the life of the plan.)

25 years x $10.20 per acre x 40 acres = $10,200.00


25 years x $75.47 x 40 acres = $75,470.00

That’s a difference of $65,270.00 in 25 years or $2,610.80 per year.

Let’s take it a step further….

$2,611 per year invested earning a 5% return over 25 years = $139,688.00

And think about this….

If you invest that money each and every year for the life of the plan you’ll have put in $65,270 (money that you would’ve given to the government to pay your taxes anyway…) You’ll have a balance of $139,688 which means in 25 years your land will have allowed you to earn $74,418.00. Wow! Pretty cool to think that your land could pay you $75 per acre per year over 25 years!

Now use this example to calculate your own savings! Use this COMPOUND INTEREST CALCULATOR

Additional Forestry Services

In addition to the standard services provided by many foresters we can also assist with a variety of other forestry related projects.

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