Managed Forest Law (MFL) Plans

Managed Forest Law Plans | Certified MFL Planner WisconsinLooking for a way to reduce your woodland property taxes? Well, by participating in science-based forest management, our team can help reduce your woodland property taxes by up to 75%! If that doesn’t excite you, we’re not sure what will. In order for you to enroll your land in Wisconsin, you must work with a certified plan writer. That’s where we come into play. Through our Managed Forest Law (MFL) plans, we’ll develop plans that outline the forest management activities that will take place on your property. In turn, you’ll be able to take advantage of these great tax incentives.

MFL History

Dating back to 1985, The Managed Forest Law (MFL) program has been in place. Since its origination, the state of Wisconsin has used this program to help encourage landowners to engage in science-based forest management. Obviously, there needed to be an incentive in place in order for landowners to agree to this type of forest management. With this program, the incentives are based on reducing property taxes for the landowners. This is the only forest tax law in place where enrollment is available. In order to enroll in the MFL program, a MFL plan must be in place and properly managed. That’s where developing a partnership with our team at Legacy Forest Management becomes so critical.

Your MFL Plan Advocates

Certified Managed Forest Law (MFL) Planner Eric OlsonWhether you are looking to sign up for a brand new MFL plan, are looking to add more acreage to a MFL plan already in place, or it is time for you to renew your MFL plan, we can be your MFL plan advocates. We are here every step of the way to ensure that you are able to take advantage of these no-brainer tax savings. Just think about the amount of money you’ll be able to keep in your pocket thanks to this tax incentive program that offers up to 75% in property tax savings. Our forest management team typically provides our clients 25-50 year plans where we will outline the planned forest management activities that will take place on your land in the enrollment term. Some of the activities that may be included in this detailed MFL plan include:

  • Timber Harvesting
  • Logging
  • Clearcuts
  • Thinnings
  • Selective Harvesting
  • Many More!

MFL Certified Plan Writer Wisconsin

We take pride in being a MFL certified planner. Enrollment into the MFL program is available to all private forestland owners whose property is at least 20 acres, with at least 80% of the land being productive forestland. As a certified plan writer, we’ll create a personalized forest management plan that will meet the MFL criteria. Additionally, we will submit this plan and the application to the program for review, along with a detailed map.

If lowering your property tax bills is something that you have been considering recently, our team at Legacy Forest Management is here to help turn those tax saving dreams into reality. We’re here to meet you wherever you may be in regards to the MFL plan process. As a MFL certified plan writer, we can help you sign up for an entirely new MFL plan. Additionally, we’re here to help you if you need to add more acreage to an existing MFL plan, or if it is time for you to renew. We truly offer our clients the total package when it comes to developing and maintaining proper MFL plans. If you’d like to learn more about our MFL plan services don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We are excited to partner with you so that you can begin to take advantage of the great tax savings incentives made available through the MFL program. Contact us today by calling (608) 633-2288 or by emailing

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