Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Forestry Witness Testimony WisconsinEric Olson, Owner of Legacy Forest Management has devoted his entire career to forestry. He has spent time in the timber buying business, and he has worked for an independent, local Wisconsin logging company and now owns his own forest management company. He understands the land in Wisconsin and has developed expertise offering the following services:

  • Developing Forest Management Plans. Eric has the expertise and certification to write 25 to 50-year forest management plans that are part of Wisconsin’s Managed Forest Law (MFL), a tax incentive program designed to reduce woodland property taxes by up to 75% for landowners willing to participate in science-based forest management. Your forest management plan can include everything from timber harvesting timelines to cutting prescriptions, which includes clearcuts, thinnings, and selective harvesting.
  • Timber-sale Set-up and Administration. Borrowing again from the probability that most landowners do not have the time or experience to maintain the long-term health of their forest land.  When it is time to harvest timber on your property, we can set up the sale and administer the process from start to finish.
  • Other forestry services: We can also complete GIS Mapping and Forestry Management. We can also complete other forestry projects based on your unique needs.

Forestry Expert Witness Testimony Services Wisconsin

Forestry Expert Witness WiEric Olson is an MFL-certified Plan Writer (Managed Forest Law), and also holds memberships in the Society of American Foresters, and the American Tree Farm System. When needed, Eric can provide expert witness testimony about local forest and land. He can provide expert testimony on issues like forest valuation, tree condition and appraisal, land management planning, zoning, forest economics, forest biometrics, timberland management, timberland acquisition and disposition, public forest policy, and many other related forestry issues, each that may be relevant to a local court case. We will respond to the questions that are posed, give the testimony that is clear and relevant and understandable to the judge and witnesses. Our expert testimony will give you the best chance of success for your case.

Expert Consultation Services

Eric can also provide expert consultation services as you prepare for your court case. Eric is a strong communicator and he can provide clear, concise advice and testimony to help strengthen your case. He can help you strategize about the best way to think about your case from a forestry perspective. Our company is built on the premise that our local forests will outlast us all. It is our job to protect them, help them thrive so that future generations can also benefit from them. Taking care of our forests now means that our children and our children’s children will be able to benefit from them in years to come. It is our legacy.

Eric’s unique skillset and experience puts him in a unique position to be able to help many local landowners with all of their forestry needs. He takes a long view of forest management planning and will help you think about a plan for your land in 25-50 years so that you can structure your plans for that timeline. We listen to your goals and tailor the plans to meet your needs.

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If you have a legal concern about your Wisconsin land or are heading to court to settle an issue in dispute, contact the team at Legacy Forest Management. We can sit down and discuss your issue and give you our realistic impression of the legal path forward. We will also let you know how we think we can best help your case. Call Eric Olson at 608-633-2288 for more information.

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