The philosopher and naturalist John Muir once said, “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” It may feel like modern life is causing us to work against this sentiment, given our busy lifestyles, reliance on technology, and being preoccupied with day-to-day concerns. However, our modern lives are not completely detached from John Muir’s ideal of spending time in natural areas to find one’s soul. In addition to enjoying all of the benefits of the modern world, we often take vacations in remote places that are free of the hustle and bustle of modern cities, and that allow us to seek peace in our own company. These places help us to restore our sense of inner peace, and our efforts are not limited to vacations requiring extensive travel. We also seek similar qualities in the places we live. That is exactly where the services provided by Legacy Forest Management intersect with the interests of private landowners.

Recreational Development Planning Services Wisconsin

Recreational Use of your Land

If you own land in Wisconsin and are considering how to best use that land, we can help you understand your options. One popular choice for a large area of land is to use some or all of it for a recreational purpose. We can help you identify the areas of your land that are best suited for recreational development depending on your unique needs, your goals and the land itself. Recreational planning includes many different things depending on the type of recreation you want to enjoy and/or offer on your property. For example, you may be interested in developing an area that can support one of the following recreational activities:

Hiking or biking on a trail
Bird Watching
Boating, paddle boarding or canoeing

Transforming a portion of your property to support a recreational use can bring in valuable revenue and really make use of the beautiful land you love. In addition to the actual planning that goes into getting your land ready for recreational use, we can also help you get the appropriate licenses you will need in order to use the land for this purpose. This is one of the many services we provide with our recreational planning support. Most hunting and recreational use licenses are valid for one year as long as specific conditions are met. We can also help you if you decide you want to lease a portion of your property. Our team will ensure that all of the details are covered, that your land is protected and ready to be used in the way you wish. We can also help you look ahead toward your future and ensure that your land will continue to thrive as time marches on.

Forest Management For Recreational Use WI

Professional Forest Management Services Wisconsin

The vast majority of landowners with forest land on their property have neither the time nor the expertise to oversee the management of their woodlands’ long-term health. Legacy Forest Management has both. We are a full-service forestry company that specializes in recreational planning as well as developing MFL plans and timber sales. Our goal is to assist landowners to bring your vision for your land to life.

Book a call today for more information about our forest management services. We will be happy to schedule a time for an onsite visit to learn more about your interests and goals for your WI property.